Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why does it happen?

So Why does it happen? No really tell me, I create five blogs like I will keep them alive forever and now here I am updating a blog, which is getting it's new post for the first time since the created the blog. I do think that I will keep on updating it but I am so much busy or rather keeping myself busy in office, Books, Movies, TV series that don't get time for my blog which is bad very bad. One would think that when I watch so many movies, why can't I review them and put them on the blog? Well that was the plan from the beginning but that's what happens with guys like me, who plan so many things and don't follow up on them ever. But I sure want to make sure that I keep on updating my blogs. May be 2-4 hours a week should be enough to update each blog with a small entry.

Let's see what can we do this time.

Keep on rocking friends.