Sunday, August 25, 2013

Movie Review - Madras Cafe` (2013) [Hindi]

Madras Cafe (2013) on IMDb 

As I was watching Madras Cafe` (which was initially titled 'Jaffna' which is the better title for the film if you ask me), I was dreading the moment to which the film was leading to and when the moment finally came it still hits you as hard as if you didn't know what was going to happen. Madras Cafe` is one of the best movies to come out of India ever. (Someone said that it looks like 'Body of Lies' based on Trailers, I would watch that movie and confirm that myself)

I am slightly ashamed of being Indian, as its only here that the director goes to make a political thriller on actual events. But can't use the real names or there would be such an uproar that you and me can't even imagine so. They couldn't use Rajiv Gandhi's name just calling him PM or Ex-PM throughout the movie. Yes Rajiv Gandhi as the movie builds up to the assassination of our one of the most loved PMs ever.

I still remember the morning when I went to the market and found everyone reading the newspaper with the assassination news and the shock and disbelief in my father's voice when I told him the news.

The movie tells the story from 1980's when the Sri Lankan civil war started to RG's assassination. The actual story is told in flashback from the year 1994 by John Abraham to a Priest in Church. John plays a RAW agent in the movie and that too very convincingly I must say. The story deals with India's involvement in the Sri Lankan civil war in response to the killing of the Tamil population there. John Abraham as RAW agent Vikram Singh goes to Sri Lanka (Jaffna) to find and weaken Anna the LTF (LTTE) leader. The First half of the movie deals with setting up the background story and detailing the characters.

Second half is the better half of the movie and tensions run sky high as the RAW team works to identify and neutralize the threat to the Ex-PM. You see each frame and realize that you would have to witness the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. You notice the smile, the focus on the Nike Sports shoes and nervous faces of the assassins. And then the boom.

I almost didn't see this movie but thanks to a FB friend and his short review, I went to watch the movie and wasn't disappointed even a bit. OK yes a bit. There were few mistakes in the subtitles shown. I also thought that few vehicles on the road were out of place as the story was being played in 1990ish. And the performances were excellent. Movie was co-produced by John Abraham and Directed by Shoojit Sircar and he shows his versatility and doesn't disappoint after another excellent movie 'Vicky Donor'. This is a Director's movie and a very serious one at that. For once we didn't get flamboyant RAW or Agents for general. Things happened almost they should happen. John's wife didn't know that he was RAW agent. When five guys came to capture him they easily captured John which actually happens when five people attack you. Now to the performances.

John Abraham as the RAW agent is excellent, Nargis Fakhri as an UK journalist is Good, newcomer Rashi Khanna was very good as John's wife, Siddhartha Basu as RAW chief Robin Dutt is Great too, Ajay Ratnam as Anna is Good too. Every actor has done a wonderful job making the movie what it is. Every scene is wonderful. 

Everyone who's like me who complains that Bollywood doesn't make good movies should watch this film. Another plus there are no songs barring a background song in the end, which is a huge plus. This is a milestone movie and no one should miss it. Do yourself a favor and go watch this wonderful movie. This is way better than crap movies which are earning 100 Cr. now a days. 

My rating is 9/10.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Talent to watch out for 4 - Dhananjay Khair

My brother is super talented and deserves all the success and do look out for him. His videos are not viral yet!!! you have to do it make them viral .. God knows we can use as many artists as we can get. Here are some songs from DJay ... he is currently busy recording songs for his album, Let's come together and wish him luck for great success in the near future. 

Allah Jaane - Teri Meri Kahani (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

Neend Na Aaye - Fuzon

Bin Tere (Reprise) Cover by DJay

As always I would like to wish that you all watch the videos and like/share them as much as you can. Afterall we are the ones who make the stars .. lets make a new star today rather than tomorrow.

Talent to watch out for 3 - Vandana Srinivasan

Vandana Srinivasan is an independent singer, she only has two videos on that are almost 8 months old but these two videos are enough to prove that Vandana is talented and innovative .. check her different interpretation and execution of the popular songs under project Vandanam.. check them below:

Pehla Nasha Nostalgia - Vandanam feat. Kedharnath Saira

Pareshaan By Pareshaan - Vandanam feat. Shilpa Natarajan & Prithvi Chandrasekhar

Since there are no new videos by Vandana, I hope that she is alright and is just busy with studies or something and will return again soon... we are waiting .. 

Talent to watch out for 2 - Shankar Tucker

Shankar Tucker is a force to reckon with his youtube channel - TheShrutiBox he has more than 10 million page views and his music is superb. As you might already have guessed by his last name Shankar is not Indian infact he is an American but his heart is set on Indian Classical music and he is learning the Indian classic music and rose to the fame with his youtube channel - TheShrutiBox in fact I guess Shankar would be familiar to the most of you if not fret not .. here goes some of his compositions which I like as usual you may go to his youtube channel - TheShrutiBox and check his other work.

Shankar's very first song which I saw on youtube and fell in love with his work

"O Re Piya / Rolling in the Deep" -  Shankar Tucker ft. Rohan Kymal, Brendan Susens-Jackson

Awesome rendition of a wonderful ghazal .. 

"Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo" - Shankar Tucker ft. Rohini Ravada

Awesome original composition .. Hindi/English .. superb music by Shankar Tucker and singing by Rohan Kymal 

"Caught in the Rain" -  Shankar Tucker  ft. Rohan Kymal

Another awesome original composition by Shankar 

"Mere Saajan Sun Sun" -  Shankar Tucker ft. Shweta Subram

Another great composition without instruments yes Acapella great voice of Shashwat Singh

"Jaane Kaise" - Shankar Tucker ft. Shashwat Singh (A Cappella)

Here's a talk my Shankar at TEDxGateway Mumbai, 2011

A Viral Approach To Classical Indian Music : Shankar Tucker at TEDxGateway

So there you have it few songs of Shankar and a TED talk by him.. really hope that you like his efforts as much as I did. Awesome news Shankar is giving music for a bi-lingual movie down south. Here's hoping that bollywood also give him chance. Again no copyright infringement meant if any just want to spread the word. :)

Talent to watch out for 1 - Maati Baani

YouTube has provided young musicians with a wonderful platform to showcase their talent and gain exposure and make their way towards a successful life where they could make more wonderful music. In this series which is the first series for my blog, I would be trying to showcase some musicians and singers whom I like and love very much. Hopefully my blog would help them gain some new fans.

My very first choice would be Maati Baani which would translate to Mitti ki Boli or Sound of Soil rustic and folk and fusion music. Maati Baani collaborates with different singers and record songs with them .. it all comes together very beautifully .. Maati Baani has Nirali Karthik - Vocals and Karthik Shah - Instruments .. they would always be more singers and musicians but as per my knowledge they are the main members of the group. now without further ado let's listen to the awesome group:

Banjara - Maatibaani ft. Mooralala Marwada

Tore Matware Naina - Maatibaani feat. JoyShanti

Mitwa - Maati Baani feat. Swaroop Khan

Baawariya - Maatibaani feat. Shankar Tucker

These are just few wonderful songs available on their youtube channel - Maatibaani do check and subscribe and listen to their wonderful work. As usual I do not mean to infringe on anyone's copyright work just want to help spread the word. hopefully this series will continue for a very long time.