Friday, December 28, 2018

December Movies List

Hey there, how are you doing? I am fine. So let's talk about the recent movies I have seen. In the month of December I saw two movies in the theatre. In fact I saw those movies on the same day one after the other.

Then all other movies I saw were on streaming platform, these are:

1. Logan (Re-watch)
2. Vir Das: Losing It (Comedy Special)
3. Russell Brand: Re: Birth (Comedy Special)
4. The American Meme (Documentary)
6. Fahrenheit 11/9 (Documentary)
7. Andhadhun (Hindi)

Along with these I also watched some TV but mostly this month has been lost in endless Youtube mayhem and also my reading so could only watch these few movies. I will try to review some of these in coming days. So till then enjoy and Have a Happy New Year.